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Pioneering Care in Non-Surgical Treatment of Prostate Disorders
    • 01 SEP 16
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    Reasons Sex May Be Over Too Soon

    Premature ejaculation problems are quite common in men, and can be categorized into three major groups: premature (PE), retrograde, and delayed ejaculation. PE accounts for the most common male sexual health problem in the world.

    The American Urological Association reports that 21% of all men between 18 and 59 years of age have PE. According to some estimates, 1 in 3 men is affected by the problem. Although widely prevalent, the underlying mechanisms that cause men to ejaculate faster than they’d like are unknown. But, experts did identify various factors that contribute to it.

    1. High testosterone levels

    The chances are high that you’re very surprised now, and you’re wondering how is this possible. After all, low testosterone levels are supposed to be the troubling ones! Testosterone poses as the main synchronizer in sexual activity; it acts by regulating libido and enzymes, both of which pivotal for the erectile process.
    There’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that high testosterone levels contribute to PE. For example; the Journal of Sexual Medicine published results of the study which inspected testosterone levels in ejaculatory problems such as PE and delayed ejaculation (DE). Findings showed that testosterone plays a facilitatory role in the ejaculatory reflex control. Men with PE showed higher levels of testosterone, while DE is linked to low T.
    Additionally, the journal Advanced Biomedical Research published a study which also confirmed the relationship between high T and PE. In fact, the study showed that men with this ejaculatory problem had higher levels of free testofunction, sterone and follicle stimulating hormone than men who didn’t have this issue. Normalizing testosterone levels is an effective treatment for PE.
    2. Anxiety

    A vast majority of men with PE also have anxiety. The sources of anxiety are numerous. For instance, some men have it because they are worried about their performance, others because of problems in their marriage. It’s always important to bear in mind that your sexual health isn’t only linked to your penis, but your brain as well.
    3. Erectile dysfunction

    Just like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED) is yet another highly prevalent male sexual health issue. It’s not uncommon for both problems to coexist in a single person. A man who is worried about maintaining erection might easily form a pattern wherein he rushes to ejaculate.
    The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that the presence of PE is massively associated with the increased risk of suffering from ED as well. The potential for erectile dysfunction in PE patients was greater in older men as well as in subjects who didn’t have a stable and healthy relationship.
    4. Alcohol use

    Alcohol is your sexual health’s arch nemesis. If you have PE, but like to drink, then you should limit alcohol intake. Also, if you have a drinking problem or engage in heavy/binge drinking sessions, you should know that your habit could lead to a problem with ejaculation.
    The Indian Journal of Psychiatry published a study which assessed the prevalence of sexual dysfunctions in men who consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Findings showed that 72% of all participants experienced one or more problems with performance in bed. The most common sexual dysfunction was, you guessed it, PE.

    This ejaculatory problem was reported by 36 out of 96 participants. Of these, 27 men ejaculated within the first minute, while others ejaculated within three minutes upon penetration.
    5. Prostatitis

    Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation of the prostate and poses as one of the most common causes of PE. In fact, PE and prostatitis often coexist in the same person. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study in which scientists confirmed the correlation between the PE and chronic prostatitis. These findings suggest that healthcare providers should conduct additional screenings for PE in men with prostatitis, and vice versa.

    Top male enhancement pills are formulated to improve prostate health while helping you to last longer in bed. It’s, definitely, worth to consult your doctor about these products.
    6. Thyroid problems

    Problems with your thyroid belong to the group of biological causes that contribute to PE and there’s growing body of evidence which supports this notion. For example, the Journal of Urology published a study which included 43 participants with hyperthyroidism. Of these, 31 had PE problems. Scientists concluded the study explaining that excessive amount of thyroid hormone and PE are clinically interrelated conditions. Besides this thyroid problem, the underactive thyroid can induce the same ejaculatory issue.
    7. Sex position

    The missionary position requires balancing yourself on your arms and legs, thus contributing to fatigue. In turn, you ejaculate faster. Furthermore, this sex position requires using the groin muscles to thrust which is also bad news for endurance and leads to PE. The woman on the top scenario is better. It’s important to experiment, change different positions until you find the one which makes you last the longest. Also, you can opt for dietary supplements to improve your sexual performance and address various male sexual health issues while improving testosterone levels simultaneously.
    Premature ejaculation poses as the most common problem that men face during sex. Although very common, the exact underlying cause is still relatively unknown. On the other hand, there are various factors that contribute to this problem. It’s important to normalize testosterone levels, have a healthy lifestyle, and have sex frequently. The more you have sex, the longer you will last.

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