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What you need to know about Sexually Transmitted Infections


1. What are the different Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs, also called Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs) and their causes?

The usual pathogens responsible for occurrence of STDs are bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Manifestations may include one or more of the following:

2. Who are prone to have STIs?

Sexually active individuals are more prone to have STIs.

3. Is it possible to acquire an infection even without sexual contact or is not sexually active?

Yes. Unhygienic practices such as use of dirty toilet seats, public sharing of towels (i.e., in gyms or sports clubs), and intravenous drug abuse may also promote cross-transfer of infections.

4. Can STIs be cured? Will they recur?

Most STIs are curable. Once they are managed properly, they should not recur.

5. What is the definitive test for STI?

There is no definite test for all STIs as each pathogen requires specific testing according to incubation period.

6. What do I need to expect when undergoing STI testing?

Examinations are usually not painful but may be uncomfortable, especially for an initial visit.


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