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Pioneering Care in Non-Surgical Treatment of Prostate Disorders

Compassionate and deeply committed to his patients, Dr. Antonio E. Feliciano, Jr. one of the Doctors Of Manila Genitourinary Clinic, has devoted a quarter of a century (and going…) treating and exploring the many aspects of Prostate disorders. His precious work is popularly known as the “Manila Protocol” that was subsequently featured in major scientific literatures and published in a textbook.

This unique method of treatment has survived the test of time and is recommended as the first step and front-line management for prostate disorders. It may not be the cure-all for some but it has definitely relieved many sufferers including hard-core chronic cases that were previously declared incurable by major medical centers abroad. The procedure continues to be promising and has been imitated abroad.

His unending research work is done simultaneously with the training program of physicians who are interested in acquiring the same skills and passion in the non-invasive treatment of prostate disorders and genitourinary diseases.

The Manila Protocol

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 18:35:21 GMT
From: MiamiNiceShyGuy <>
Subject: Manila Protocol

Before the advent of the Miami Protocol there was the Manila Protocol: This review summarizes the history of published results of the Manila Protocol of repetitive prostatic massage, intensive microbial diagnosis, and antimicrobial therapy. It concludes that the Manila Protocol currently has the highest published rates of clinical remission for all symptoms of chronic prostatitis.